Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Star sonata

Star sonata is a nice MMORPG game that you control a spaceship or more spaceships and you can trade , fight ais , ficht other players (pvp) , make team fights  and with your clan you maybe can rule the galaxy. When a clan owns the galaxy after a week the galaxy resets. Also a fun faktor that i like it very much is the possibility to build bases on planet that you can extrackt , produce and trade goods. You can also control spaceships as trade bots to do the trading for you.
This multipropose game runs easily on Netbooks and with the right settings i could also run it to my eeepc 1005HA Asus :). The sceenshots was taken from my Acer Aspire V3-992 G with the same setting that could run on the eeepc.

star sonata galaxy map 2017

Monday, April 11, 2016

windows 10 slower as windows 7

i am not sure about that windows 10 is slower than windows 7 , per example i did not made benchmars tests etc. but when i scroll the internet pages in the brownser , when i pass over the mouse pointer over the icons  and when i play League of Legents a sort of grafic lag appeares. Well i use the same Hardware , i updated the grafic drivers but newertheless the " response time " in many aspects of windows and how my laptops and netbooks behave with the last windows version it is somewhat "laggy".
do you have the same feeling about that??

Friday, July 5, 2013

Governor of poker on netbooks

The last time I spent many hours playing governor of poker in my netbook.the install file is is only 30 MB long and is produced from bigfish games.you play a character in the wild West and she tries to make money through tournaments and poker cash games.the nice one about this game is that there is a plot by buying cities and means of transport to go to a other cities and not just single Texas hold 'em poker games.when sitting on a poker table you can see many animations and he had many types of voices while playing

the Game.the governor of poker game runs fluently even on netbooks.if you exit the game while playing it will be automatically saved and when you reload that you find it in the state you left it.that makes it appropriate to play even where you don't have enough time to finish a game.

governor of poker

Sunday, January 13, 2013

LOL as Netbook game

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS is one famous Multiplayer game that is famous also for the successful tournaments that organizes. Million of international players are “wasted” on their screens to play this game. League of legends is also in Netbooks playable good. The Medium netbook can play LOL but you lack in frame rate. That’s only ugly in massive team fights.Sure you have to set setting to low resolution to have the game playable

Netbooks Games blog has new Netbook!

Till now war reviewing blog games that could run on my netbook Asus eeepc 1005 HA , but like I write on one post before after 3 years of trustfully working starting to have overheating problems. Even if I was watching a YouTube video after a while the netbook closes because of overheating. That's why I finally bought a Acer aspire 770 Netbook. The Acer aspire has also an old dedicated graphic card with 3d acceleration that allows to play more netbook games from my old one. The Acer 770 is not a gaming netbook and I think is also representative to review the netbook games that could be raun in a medium general use Netbook .

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dominate Game

who likes to play Risk like Games it is sure that will fell in love with dominate game. This risk clone ist available onlin since 1995 and its still running! that the best proof that the game roocks. Its available in brownser version and also in software of 2,2 mb to download (client). Last tim i played the game was for 3 Years and i realized that i did not forgot to play it!.The only change is that the user base it significanly reduced und thats pity for such a good game.
This game is based in pure strategy and luck with the dices not the grafiks. Thats why is certain that will play flawless in all the Netbooks.That why for the likers of strategy risk-like games i consider it as one of the best netbooks games.
Here the link to the dominate game site : Link

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ufo alien invasion

For The fans and nostalgic lovers of the ufo : enemy unknown and netbook Owners i have great news. The Open source project and Game with the name Ufo alien invasion is dedicated to whose liked to play the original Ufo. Ufo alien invasion it is not a simple remake of the game with better graphics but has new features , new options , better quality graphics and changes in Gameplay. The aliens are more inteligent  , the mission Maps are not so vast and you cannot Save game in the Mission so the Stress factor of not loosing the favourite soldier to be bigger! For the fans of the strategy in geoscape Mode there is also the automatic resolve of the battles option!

Here in This blog Theme. Ufo Alien invasion runs perfectly on netbooks and in the asus 1005 HA typic old Netbook with incorporated Graphic card. You have to change the game resolution to 800x600 because in the battle mode you will face problems with scrolling down the screen of the battlefield. I Found that out with fail and try actions and changes of the settings.

This game is Free to download and the size of the installation File are 980 MB. Because it is an open source Game there are many operative Systems Supportable and you can also run it on your Linux netbook or even in you mac laptop. You can also contribute in further developing of the UFO open source game making translations or coding new features.

The Ufo: alien invasion game is nice to play on netbooks and you can download it direct from the Site of the Developer here. http://ufoai.org/wiki/index.php/Download

ufo alien invasion

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